Campbell’s approach to Design and Build is fully integrated and involves a dedicated team of professionals all working together throughout the project, from the initial design to building completion. We work with our team of consultants to provide the client with a complete package, from sourcing an appropriate development site, through planning and design right through to assisting the client’s accountants with any possible Capital Allowances claim at the end of the completed project. Our Estimators are constantly evaluating the cost of each design element to provide the most economic solution available and will help our clients, on request, by providing comparative costings for various design options. Campbell’s are committed to the “designing in” of Sustainable Construction methods which we believe should not be seen as something that is exclusive to expensive projects as it has the potential to be applied to any development. If even small aspects of a development are switched to more sustainable materials or design this should be seen as a step forward towards “greener” construction methods. Campbell’s aim to apply this principle to their developments by providing ways of building that use less virgin material and less energy; cause less pollution and less waste; yet still provide all the benefits of a new build.

The advantage of our Design and Build service is that it gives the flexibility to alter the design and specifications to meet the client’s requirements, giving the client a development that meets their exact needs. The recently completed Design and Build project for Auma Actuators Ltd in Clevedon, Somerset includes 178 Photovoltaic panels capable of producing 40kW of power. Auma Actuators are currently using the ‘feed in’ tariff scheme and sell all generated power to the National Grid. If you are interested in further information regarding the installation of PV panels and exporting yourself produced electricity back to the National Grid then please contact us.